STAY: Aura Spirit Amethyst Specimen


Aura Spirit Quartz will fill your life with energies of universal love. It will also increase your awareness about the cycles of life and support your efforts that will benefit the greater good.

It will balance your male and female energies so that you will feel more centred and grounded. It also has the ability to connect you to the spirit realm, uplifting your soul and radiate strong vibrations and energies in all directions.

Aura Spirit Quartz, also known as Cactus Quartz and Spirit Amethyst, is also a stone that will bring about your spiritual evolution, guiding your spirit to reach spiritual growth and enlightenment. It carries energies of harmony and balance.

Whenever you feel restless or unhinged, this stone can help restore the harmony and balance back in your life. Especially in meditation, Spirit Quartz can channel very high frequencies and light sources that will allow deeper concentration and insight.

It can also give you a deeper state of awareness and clarity, helping to release you from any negative or fearful thought process and replace it with feelings of peace, freedom, and harmony.

It was discovered in the early 2000s in the Magaliesberg Mountain region in South Africa. Its colours range from white, yellowish brown, lilac, purple, to grey brown. It’s an unusual colour purple because of its ferrous iron impurities. Spirit Quartz can only be found in South Africa. 

Aura crystals are enhanced by modern alchemy in a technique in which electrostatically bonds pure Silver and Platinum to the surface creating a magical Opal-like iridescent layer. This intensifies the original elements plus emits a unique set of new energies.These crystals resonate strongly with a vibration that aids insight and connection with the divine realms.

You are purcashing this exact piece.