SOVEREIGN: Golden Healer Pendant Necklace


Golden Healer Quartz is a high-vibration crystal and a master healer. It aims to raise your vibrations, amplify your intentions, and release any blockages that are present in your body and in your life.

It will work on you in a very calm way, but the changes that will transpire will run very deep and happen on multiple levels.

This crystal is also said to align your yin and yang energies. It will lead you to positive changes by giving you the gift of understanding of what needs to be changed or eliminated.

Golden Healer Quartz is a crystal of success. It will increase your self-confidence and boost your creativity that will help you achieve success in your business and financial pursuits.

It will help keep your focus and filter out the distractions. It will also encourage you to move forward after going through a disappointing or negative experience.

Your pendant will be intuitively chosen, some natural variances in appearance are to be expected. 

Choose your chain style and length - leave a note with your order to make any changes.