SHELL: Mega Septarian Egg with Druzy


Septarian (also known as Dragon's Stone) will harmonize your emotions and your intellect with your higher mind. It will make you understand things about this life that you didn’t understand before, and this knowledge will contribute to an enlightened existence.

Septarian is also a grounding stone that will center you and connect you to your body, mind, and spirit. It’s a very helpful talisman when it comes to spiritual or mental problems.

When using Septarian, your need for privacy might increase, and you might realise that you’re sharing too much of your life on social media or with people who drain your energy. Septarian will make you want to take a step backward and retreat to your inner shell.

It's a very protective stone, which always has your best interests at heart.


You are purchasing this exact piece, a uniquely exquisite statement piece.