FOR YOU: Mystery Box


If you're not sure where to start, or you just love a surprise, let us put together the perfect Mystery Box for you with intuitively selected crystals that are calling out to be in your life!  

Choose the value of your box below and answer a few questions below to help us curate the perfect combination for you! Please note, this is so we know a little bit about you, and isn't a guaranteed list of what you'll receive. The boxes are a mystery, so if you don't like surprises, please shop our site the regular way.

Please note, the value of crystals can vary dependent on the stone type, we guarantee that your box is always worth more than the price you pay for it, however variation in quantity of stones can occur due to the type of crystal selected. 

Due to high volumes of orders, we cannot respond to messages and emails identifying your crystals.

If you are not able to identify your crystals, then we really recommend purchasing our insert slip with your order. This is a custom a6 card that we make specific to your order, that tells you exactly what everything is!

Please allow an additional 5 working days for processing times for orders that contain a mystery box.

As seen on TikTok. 

What to Expect:

£10 Box: Tumbles, raw crystals, wearables, keyrings, mini carvings, mini spheres, mini points, thumbstones, palm stones etc. 

£20 - £40 Box: Points, Spheres, tumbles, raw crystals, clusters, wearables, mini carvings, mini spheres, carvings, thumbstones, palm stones etc. 

£50+:  Towers, Points, Spheres, Specimens, Clusters, Geodes, Bowls, Lamps, Carvings, tumbles, raw crystals, clusters, wearables, minis, thumbstones, palm stones etc. 

£100+: Statement pieces, please include detail if you would prefer larger individual items only or a mixture of the other boxes too.