LUNARY: Mini Raw Selenite Tower


The moon, is still the moon, in all of its phases.

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene; this crystal brings deep peace and sense of tranquility and can be used to cleanse your mind and body.

This beautiful moonlight filled orb captures the essence of Selene, and provides us with our own mini light source. 

Selenite can be used to clear negative energy whilst grounding you at the same time; it can be used in meditation, as a focus to bring deep peace, and calm. It is a light carrier, and known as a protective stone.

Selenite does not absorb or retain negative energies and so it does not have to cleansed. Use it to maintain clear and balanced energy, stabilise emotions, help with mental clarity, encourage peace and relaxation whilst warding off negative vibes.

Avoid contact with water.

1 x Mini Tower