HELIO: Golden Rutile Mini Turtle


Rutilated Quartz is a powerful amplifier of your thoughts.

Quartz is known as a Master Healer and for its high vibrations; by clearing your mind, body, and spirit of any clutter, Clear Quartz can help you align with your highest self and live at your highest potential, and so the combination of quartz and rutile creates an amazing vibration with sizzling power than can bring through intense energy.

Golden Rutilated Quartz is very supportive as it can assist you to let go of past issues of an extremely negative nature, and will even aid you to access past life issues.

It may help to increase your concentration and boost mental clarity and may aid decision making, helping you to find the right solution to the problem you are working on solving.

Golden Rutilated quartz is said to cleanse the aura, as it draws off negative energy, and once you are able to let go of this negative energy, you may move forward in your personal and spiritual growth.

1 x Mini Turtle