GLOSS: Chrysocolla Tumble Stone


Chrysocolla is a stone of harmony, both on a universal level and a very specific level. It can be used to purify a place or remove  negativity from a person.

It is a very gentle stone and its energy works in a gentle, harmonious way. It can help ease fear, anxiety,  and guilt, and bring hope.

Not only can this stone help you to stay strong when your emotions threaten to overwhelm you, but it can also assist you in decoding their hidden meanings. Chrysocolla has a strong link to water, which is the element most connected to our emotional states and hidden depths; getting to the bottom of feelings can sometimes feel like a daunting process, but Chrysocolla encourages us to do so. 

It is said to help the beholder develop stronger feelings of joy and gratitude towards whatever higher powers you understand or focus on, it's a good stone to use when pursuing higher knowledge or spiritual awakening. It will allow you to “wake up” to the primal powers of the universe.

By using this crystal you can learn how to share your emotional experiences with others, which is an invaluable skill, and one that is seriously underrated in a modern world that values surface gloss rather than deep emotional reality.

1 x Tumble Stone