GHOST: Red Phantom Pyramid Quartz Point


Red Phantom Quartz is a grounding crystal, and provides protection during metaphysical activities. It is said to enhance and facilitate inner-child healing, the recovery of repressed memories, and heal anger and residual hurt from previous lives and experiences.  Hematite provides protection during out-of-body journeying; protecting the soul and guiding it back into the body. 

Red Phantom Quartz crystal removes energy implants and heals the aura. 
It is a good talisman crystal for business, as Red Phantom Quartz crystal enhances financial security, induces perseverance, helps overcome frustration and knowledgeable earth-healers can stabilize the planet when using this crystal.

It is a super highly energetic stone that helps restore vitalities back into your life, nurture and supports all levels of being. Red Phantom Quartz encourages growing, greater awareness and release of negative patterns, behaviours and thoughts. 

Red Phantom Quartz contains an Iron Oxide, giving it its red hue. 

One of a kind. Collectors piece.