FORESIGHT: Picture Jasper Sphere


Picture Jasper is known as a Stone of Vision.

Picture Jasper gets its name from the vibrant colors which resemble a picture, or print! The patterns are reminiscent of landscapes and scenes of nature.

This crystal carries a strong connection to Earth energies, making it the perfect stone to help bring harmony to your life. It is a soothing stone that is said to bring peace and serenity, providing comfort to those who are grieving due to the loss of someone or something in their life.

It diminishes feelings of loneliness, guilt or anxiety by encouraging you to focus on the present moment while clearing your mind. Picture Jasper is good for grounding the free-flowing emotions of those who have suffered a traumatic event. It also enables us to see the beauty in that which has been previously unknown, bringing delight to everyday living that we may have otherwise missed out without opening our eyes.

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