EXPRESSION: Raw Purpurite


Purpurite is known to remove blockages in self-expression and it can assist you in connecting with your spiritual self. It will encourage you to speak without being restricted, and it will make sure that you maintain your clarity of thought. It will allow you to say words that are powerful and easily understood, and you will be supported in seeing the world through optimistic and empowered eyes.

All your self-destructive and self-imposed limitations can be eliminated with the help of this stone, when you get rid of your external restraints that are making you feel fearful and uncertain, problematic aspects of your life will greatly improve.

This mineral is said to make you more aware of other people’s dishonesty, deception, and trickery that they may employ at times. In social interactions, Purpurite will guide you to engage with courtesy and tact.

Purpurite possesses a pure and strong link to spirituality, awareness and the divine. 


1 x Raw Piece