ENHANCEMENT: Smithsonite Raw Specimen


Smithsonite is a powerful stone offering support with soothing the mind, and calming emotions.

Smithsonite is said to be particularly powerful when emotions may be overwhelming, and this crystal pushes you to find resolution and to move forward from any negative situations.

It can help achieve clarity of the mind, and allow you to access the bigger picture. The amount of energy needed to continue holding grudges and arguments can be overwhelming for even the strongest person, and they can hold you back when trying to move forward; Smithsonite refreshes the emotional body and can help in reevaluating situations causing distress. 

This stone is also a deep support when combating anxiety, depression, low energy, and shyness. Smithsonite provides inner reflection and can help bring out a deep strength that you might not know existed. It wants to showing you the power you hold within, and pushes you to embrace the confidence and self-esteem it offers. 

If you have hypersensitive emotions or are recovering from an emotional wound, Smithsonite is the stone for you. 

You are purchasing this exact piece. Full druzy colour both sides.