CROWN: Watermelon Tourmaline Chip Bracelet


Watermelon Tourmaline is known as ‘the gateway to the inner self’ and the ‘super activator’ of your heart and higher heart chakras.

It acts as a balancing crystal that will remove your insecurities and amplify your strengths. It will balance your male and female energies as well.

It will inspire both practicality and creativity, and it will help you achieve your goals by thinking out of the box and being resourceful to make your goals happen.

Your insecurities and overly sensitive emotions will also melt away, making it possible for you to discover your meaning and purpose in life.

Watermelon Tourmaline is a highly protective crystal that will bring balance and harmony to your female and male energies.

The most potent way to use and connect with your crystals is to carry them with you on your journey. Not only are they an enchanting accessory, but it is thought that the more time spent touching or around your crystal, then the more in tune to you they become. 

 1 x Bracelet