ANIMATION: Large Apophyllite + Stilbite Specimen


Animation; life force. 

A breathtaking Apophyllite + Stilbite specimen.

Apophyllite can represent your transcendence above the dichotomy of what society tells you to be, and the form in which you entered this world. If you desire freedom from the confines of gender oppression, and the dictated gender binary, then there could be space in your life for Apophyllite.

It has blended light wavelengths, and has singular focus in its quest to amplify HUMAN energy, without dualistic contrasts of masculine and feminine energies. 

It is said to provide fluidity, opening yourself up to other qualities you wish to possess, supporting you on your journey to self enlightenment. Especially if youre feeling overwhelmed and dont feel like you have enough to give back to others. 

Apophyllite is said to represents the power of the Soul Star, which some refer to as the eighth chakra and floats above the crown chakra (just above your head). The home where your soul rests. Apophyllite is there for you on a soul level, and believes in who you are outside of your physical limitations.

And after all, isn't that who we all are?

Interconnected with blush Stilbite, radiating love as the universal life force. 

1 of a kind.