Live Crystal Sale table


We run regular Live Crystal Sales over on our Instagram page, where we showcase the most beautiful pieces, themed events and newly sourced crystals that are yet to be added to our website. 

We have such a friendly and loving community of crystal lovers and customers who join our sales, it's like visiting a crystal cave from the comfort of your own home. 

How does a Live Sale work?

  • Follow @sceneandstone on Instagram

  • Join us at our next live sale time and date - you can see the next sale details in the banner at the top of this page, and we will share a countdown on Instagram.

  • When we go Live, we will show hundreds of crystals from our stunning crystal table throughout the night. Each crystal has a code on it - when we show a crystal that you love, its your job to be the first person to write "Claim XX" in the comments, with XX being the code. The codes are simple, and the number is the price. For example, '15C' costs £15.

  • If you are the first person in the comments on our screen, the crystal is all yours!

  • After the sale, we upload everyones baskets to the website under your Instagram name and you can checkout.

Live Sale Rules 

  • We don't accept put backs during or after the sale, so only claim if you're 100% sure. This can be unfair on other people who may have missed out on the item originally. 

  • We request check out within 48 hours and after that your box will be removed and you will be regrettably blocked from future sales.

  • During the sale our Master screen is the order in which the claims are allocated. This means sometimes your screen might show differently, and often you might show up first on your screen due to Instagram. So to make it as fair as possible we use the Master screen.

  • Sometimes during a sale someone might ask to see something only to have it claimed by another viewer - this is part of the sale and regrettably we can't hold items, it's not yours until you've claimed it, so be quick! 
  • Respect the energy of the live, make friends, and be kind!