STRAWBERRY MOON: Strawberry Quartz Moon


Strawberry Quartz (Red Aventurine) is a fantastic stone for manifestation because it encourage us to take action to achieve our dreams and to stay committed despite challenges. This stone celebrates the positive power of sexuality and sensuality and can be used to flame desire. It encourages us to stay heart-centered in all of our relationships and to always act with integrity.

Strawberry Quartz provides us with the confidence we need to handle new situations and reminds us that we are fully capable of handling anything life throws at us. It amplifies our leadership abilities and our ability to act decisively.

Strawberry Quartz helps us to balance out the left/right sides of our brains and to think more holistically. It also helps us to balance and align our male/female energies, and to use whichever energy best fits the situation.

 1 x Moon