INFINITY: Mini Ruby in Zoisite Star

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Ruby Zoisite is also known as Ruby in Zoisite or Anyolite. It’s a stone that’s a great combination of energy and color, making it one of the noblest and magnificent stones of all the stones.

Ruby Zoisite has a strong spiritual nature that will also help your consciousness and spiritual learning. This stone reminds you that the world is vast, and there are so many things that you can do and places you can explore. You create the life that you want, and you shouldn’t let your job or other responsibilities keep you from enjoying life.

This stone will also renew your commitment to a higher purpose. It will make you think about the things that you hold pure and true.

It will give you courage and fortitude when facing a stressful time in your personal or professional life. Ruby Zoisite will boost your self-confidence.

It will ground you when you’re starting to feel overcome with your mental and emotional load. It will show you how you can control your thoughts and how you can respond to everything that happens to you.

Anyolite is the name that can describe the natural combination of Green Zoisite with the Ruby stone. Zoisite is the clear medium green that you can see inside the stone, and it combines perfectly with the deep pink of the Ruby. 

1 x Star

*colour has been enhanced