HARMONY: Amethyst Feminine Form


Do all things, with Divine Love.  

The pure high frequency of Amethyst elevates and connects to the heart, third eye and crown chakras, opening up our physical and emotional forms to love and universal guidance.

Amethyst guides us through the human experience,  helping to view our life experiences from a higher perspective, providing a soothing balm for trauma, grief, heart ache, worry and anixety. This cleanses and balances the physical, emotional, mental energies at play within us all, enabling us to accept ourselves on a soul level, and project Divine Love out into the world in which we create. 

Our intuition and soul perspective are heightened in the presence of Amethyst, enabling us to guide ourselves through our experiences, and giving us the tools to thrive from within. By living in Divine Love, our true authentic selves can radiate, aiding us to live non-judgementally, full of compassion and acceptance of all.

1 x Femme Form 

Your item will be intuitively selected, natural variances are to be expected.