GEM: Raw Pink Tourmaline Chunk


Pink Tourmaline is believed to carry the virtue of unconditional love and everlasting friendship. It is said that this pastel stone with its soft pink hues radiates the highest levels of love out of all the tourmaline stones. 

 It is a highly nourishing stone, working with you to restore a sense of wholeness, helping your heart heal from emotional wounds, including those we inflict on ourselves through doubt and unkind thoughts. Pink Tourmaline brings a loving energy to your Aura, helping you to treat yourself kindly and ultimately projecting kindness and love into your environment. It represents a love of humanity and humanitarian work, and is bursting with compassion and love towards others.

Pink Tourmaline can instil calmness and balance to your life, and its meaning is tied to emotional and mental health. It will hold space while you nurture your willingness to take risks in life, love, new experiences and follow your areas of passion. 

Your item will be intuitively chosen, natural variances are to be expected.