EXPRESSION: Galaxyite Palm Stone


Galaxyite is named after our galaxy due to the resemblances when one looks up into our night sky.

Galaxyite contains tiny micro Labradorite throughout, giving it its sparkle and creating an energy capable of enhancing and unlocking any transformation which needs to take place. 

Galaxyite shares nearly identical energies to Labradorite, with the only difference being the condensed power it offers, like Labradorite, it activates and rebalances your ethereal system. However, Galaxyite takes it one step further and pushes whatever transformational force you are called to, to the forefront allowing you to understand who you really are.

To date, Galaxyite has only been found in Quebec, Canada, meaning this crystal is very rare and one day may be totally mined out, making it a true collectors stone. 

1 x Palmstone