EQUINOX: Spring Time Pouch


Our Spring Equinox Pouches have been curated to bring light, life, joy and motivation to the beholder. An adorable selection of Spring time minis to place round your home, display, carry with you or create a Spring time grid to celebrate the new season and set your intentions. 

Strawberry Quartz can encourage us to take action to achieve our dreams and to stay committed despite challenges, this stone celebrates the positive power of sexuality and sensuality and can be used to flame desire and stay heart-centered in all of our relationships, whilst always acting with integrity.

Moonstone acts as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura, clearing the mind and senses, aiding in lucid dreaming and calm sleep. This mystical stone aligns us to the natural rhythms of life, illuminating the parts of us that need to heal. A stone of new life. 

Citrine is a stone of positivity, thought to support joy, vitality, warmth, and new beginnings; bringing the energy of the sun into our lives, providing us with a love for life itself. Attracting wealth, prosperity and success, imparting joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm.

Cherry Blossom Agate helps us reach our highest potential, protecting us from fears and self-doubt; inspiring us to manifest and nurture our dreams and igniting a passion to pursue dreams and live life to the fullest. It has a feminine and maternal presence that is comforting and grounding but at the same time, its appearance is enchanting and ethereal. 

Dalmatian Jasper is often referred to as the stone of joy, and it has a playful, childlike vibration that can help you release anger or feelings of hurt. It allows us to connect with our own inner child and let go of resentment, bitterness, or feelings of restriction to immerse ourselves fully in the positive aspects of life.

1 x Pouch 

(Individual Retail value: £40)