DORA: Orca Agate Flame


Orca Agate is known as the stone of truth and communication. It holds the colour and energy of earth's oceans, carrying the energy of gentle power and graceful flow that leads to inner peacefulness.

Agate is a balancing stone. It assists in looking at oneself and ones circumstances concerning ones well being. Provides perceptiveness to situations, awakening ones inherent talents and adroitness. It can produce angelic/spiritual inspiration.

Orca Agate is deeply connected to communication and inner truth and can help one acknowledge hidden self-truths. This stone can also help heal any deep, internal emotional wounds, which is how it has also earned the title of ‘the forgiveness stone’. In this deeply honest self-communication and forgiveness, this stone frees its user from self-doubt and self-loathing, and promotes a gentle inner peace. Using this agate during times of chaos or imbalance will help assist in creating yin and yang harmony.

You are purchasing this exact piece. 

Named after Dora, a captive Orca at Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park. Captured from the wild in 2015.  

10% of all profits from our Orca range will be donated to the charity, Born Free and OrcaLab.

Born Free has funded and supported the OrcaLab team since 1994, as they work to understand the behaviour of the Northern Resident population and safeguard their future.

As well as research and monitoring, OrcaLab's work also includes vital conservation, including preservation of orca habitats. In addition, OrcaLab campaigns to end the dismal era of commercial whaling, halt the exploitation of keeping cetaceans in captivity for entertainment, and pushes for the release and rehabilitation of individual captive orca.