COOL: Caribbean Calcite Tumble Stone


Caribbean Calcite is known as the stone of calmness and deliverance. 

Caribbean Calcite delivers a heartfelt soothing and peaceful vibrations that touch your whole inner being. This stone quiets the mind and unlocks any disturbances around you to feel at ease and in a wholesome state to enjoy your day.

The energy transmitted by Caribbean Calcite envelopes your aura and everything that surrounds you with an energy veil that filter out negative and toxic influences that could disturb your tranquility. 

Connecting with the energy of this uplifting stone helps you sense a breezy fresh air sentiment that supplements your day with more freshness, purity, and soulful quietude. It can stimulate your mind, while also stabilizing your thoughts and emotions.

This crystal is said to help manifest love and compassion, and can also help to clear any thoughts that may be inhibiting you from accessing your high self. 

1 x Tumble