BLEND: Ametrine Tumble Stone


Ametrine is actually not a single unique mineral – it’s two minerals mixed together! As you might be able to guess from its portmanteau name, these two minerals are amethyst and citrine, which are both forms of quartz. It is a highly unique blend of these two energies, and the perfect two-in-one stone for the minimalist crystologist.

Ametrine is one of the very few imaginable crystals that actually link a stone with a very physical, earthy/fiery energy with one that has a highly spiritual and intellectual energy.

Ametrine calms the mind by clearing stress and tension from the head, whilst balancing and soothing the emotions. Ametrine overcomes prejudice by enhancing compatibility and acceptance of others; it stimulates creativity and supports taking control of one’s own life.  

Ametrine works to strengthen concentration, bringing clarity, and harmonising perception and action; instigating change and easing transition.

Ametrine is a wonderful stone for imagination, expanding the mind, and also for thinking through consequences and results in a logical, organized way.

1 x Tumble