BE MINE: Limited Edition Love Mix


Our Limited Edition Love Mix is here! As seen on TikTok.

Carefully curated to radiate love, passion, confidence, compassion, self-love, healing, and desire in every bowlful! 

Bowls will include a mixture of the following: Rhodonite Spheres, Rose Quartz Sphere, Clear Quartz Tumbles, Red Jasper Spheres, Hearts, Rose quartz Thumbstones, Carnelian Thumbstones, Red Jasper Tumbles, Rose Quartz Chips, Raw Pink Tourmaline, Raw Moonstone, Raw Rose Quartz, Angel Aura, Cherry Blossom Agate Mushrooms, Gold Stone Mini Spheres, Raw Clear Quartz Points, Bracelets, Tumbles. 

Please note: this is a mystery mix and not all bowls will include all the items shown, however we will always aim to give a balanced mixture!

If you do not want a bowl included please deselect. 

Individually items retail at approx £100 without bowl, and £117 with bowl.