ANGELIC: Angel Aura Point (Imperfect Item)


Angel Aura crystals are Quartz, enhanced by modern alchemy in a technique which electrostatically bonds pure Silver and Platinum to the surface creating a magical Opal-like iridescent layer. This intensifies the original elements plus emits a unique set of new energies.

These crystals resonate strongly with a vibration that aids insight and connection with the divine realms.

Aura crystals help expand consciousness and heal the physical and spiritual body with their extremely high vibration. Angel Aura connects us to other realms giving you deep insights into the Universe. It has a calming effect bringing you inner peace and the confidence to listen to your intuitions.

1 x Angel Aura Point

Your item will be intuitively chosen, and some natural variances/inclusions are to be expected. 


These points have slight chips or scuffs and have been added to our imperfect range.