Pistachio Calcite Tumble Stone


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Pistachio Calcite Tumble Stone

Pistachio Calcite is one of the most soothing stones to the emotional body. It encourages those who are energetically sensitive to relax, whilst protecting from the bombardment of emotional energies. It provides a nurturing cocoon, wrapping itself around the auric field of those who hold or carry it, grounding you in the present. 

Pistachio Calcite will be with you in your journey of self-discovery. It will show you how you can accept yourself wholly and embrace all your imperfections. It will remind you that your flaws are what make you uniquely you, you should learn to embrace them and turn them into strengths.

Pistachio Calcite will give you balance in body, mind, heart, and spirit, filling you with vitality and enthusiasm - fuelling everyday with your energy and eagerness. The healing energies of this crystal will also help you dissolve old belief systems, habits, and patterns. It will help you move on to newer, fresher, and timelier ones.

Pistachio Calcite Properties:

  • calming
  • soothing 
  • relaxation
  • self-acceptance 
  • energy 
  • new opportunities 

From: Pakistan

Weight: 10g (Approx) 

Plastic-Free Packaging

Plastic-Free Packaging

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